Our duty is biblical, we are aware of  our mission that is centered  around identifying and fishing future disciples in the Lord’s Vineyard. By the Grace of God we  are placed at the seminary to guide  the young boys address anything that may hinder a seminarian from receiving that grace of calling to serve as a ministry of the Eucharist.

We open and ready to work you as sponsors, parents, and well wishers in identifying those with a calling and leading them to the right  path. 

Rev. Fr. Eugene Safari


We have produced men that are changing the world as priests and lay Christians serving in various positions in the country.

At baptism we are call to love our God, to Know  Him and and Serve Him. With the seminary you have many ways you can be serve the Lord and also support the growth of church while strengthening your faith. Choice a path now. Be part of us.

Our Community  is comprised of   Students that join in O’ Level  or A’ Level,  We have both lay teachers and Priest teachers , and also  individual serving as support staff.

Read our to understand the thinking and expectations of some of our young people.  With  writing individual express themselves and also bring world in the wall of our rooms