We will get through this.

#WW 1984. By far the best DC Comic film ever!!! Heroic, fearless, brave, soulful, humane, pure, compassionate, sincere, hopeful, heartwarming, elegant, immensely riveting, breathtaking, suspenseful, a sense of spectacular wonder, thrills, and adventure!!!! A fantastic sequel from the original title Wonder Woman (2017). But in fact, both of them are good. I Love this alternate franchise more than the MCU. Marvel Studios’ lacking all of those qualities that this movie had. The low rating baffles me, no way to be 65%. In my book, it’s certified fresh 100%. What’s wrong with them annoying critics? They are not fit to be so-called professional critics giving a lower rating than anticipated for should be prohibited to review this kind of genre. Not appreciating the beauty and essence of this film is something I’m never going to understand. It’s a Masterpiece!!!! The cast shines as Gal Gadot performs her character beautifully and majestically keeping your eyes glued to the screen with her charismatic, charming, mesmerizing performance. She’s the one true and perfect Wonder Woman. Chris Pine plays his role well as Steve Trevor’s amusing moments. Also, a great helper and partner. Kristen Wiig performs her role phenomenally and outstandingly enchanting as Cheetah. The fierce and desire in her eyes Woah!!! She makes a compelling villain. That epic showdown between Wonder Woman vs Cheetah is the best event too had ever experience on the big screen. Amazing adaption taking straight from out of the comics!!! Pedro Pascal performs a sinister-like threatening villain as Maxwell Lord to grant everyone’s wishes, thus lethal, making them come true and an attempt to corrupt, annihilate the world. A father trying to run a business who is unable to pay back his oil company. Raising a son who needs him there the most. But then he soon realized the consequences of what his actions do and make things right. The power of love and truth prevails in the end, and that is a message we need now more than ever. Hans Zimmer never disappoints in addition to an excellent orchestra musical epic score!!! What a pleasant surprise when I found out he returned to the superhero franchise once again. A magical Christmas present if you’ve seen the movie on Christmas day or after Christmas. What a great way to end the year on a positive note. A film worth watching during these unprecedented times we’re living in how the world has been throughout the entire year. Sure has been a very tough, stressful, uneasy year ever since the new decade started. It’s heartbreaking that so many people were unfortunate to make it all the way this year. May our hearts, prayers be with all the losses in the families that went through COVID-19, racism, injustice, and oppression; rest in wonderful and blessed peace to the beautiful souls of all races. We are in this together. A year that will be remembered for generations to come. 2020 was not our year, but I’m hoping and praying 2021 will be our better year. Stay strong, and be safe. We will get through this.